Programs & Initiatives


Mentorship is one of the major key drivers of success in life. Our mentorship program is created with the purpose to help our beneficiaries navigate the society and economy with ease as our mentors are carefully selected for their level of expertise and experience. At UAF, Our Mentors are Business moguls, highly experienced professionals and a force in their field; entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience, knowledge and excellence in their fields, businesses and industries and are willing to mentor, support, train and empower the next generation of Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

The role of the mentor is to support, equip, teach and empower the mentee with the necessary tools and knowledge required in their desired field/business to help the mentee navigate the hurdles in business and leadership when they eventually become graduates.

To become a mentor, you have to go through a registration process. All mentors will be matched with (a) mentee(s) from the start of the programme until the mentee is through with his/her school program. Mentorship is open to all beneficiaries of the foundation. Mentors will be matched with mentees based on compatibility criteria such as industry and industry experience, state, region, country, availability, business/leadership field. Each mentee will have one mentor throughout the duration of their Undergraduate program.


To apply, all applications will be submitted online through the UAF Mentorship application portal on the UAF website and all information required will be listed on there. Required certifications include valid form of identification. Application form will be made available in other languages for non-English speaking countries. Dates and deadlines for applications will be made available on all of our media platforms. There are no APPLICATION/ASSOCIATED FEES.