Introducing The Undergraduate Alumni Foundation

The Undergraduate Alumni Foundation was featured on TheGuardian on the 22nd of July 2022 and here’s what they had to say about us “An initiative to better the lives of African youths and empower them financially known as Undergraduate Alumni Foundation (UAF), has been launched across universities in Nigeria and Africa in general”.

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We were also featured on ThisDayLive and their opening statement simply captured our vision and mission.
“To change the narrative and create an impact in the African continent utilizing human capital for African youths, the Undergraduate Alumni Foundation (UAF) has been launched to empower youths across universities in Nigeria, Africa”.

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Founded by African Businessman and Philanthropist, Oseyomon Ighodaloh, The Undergraduate Alumni Foundation, along with the alumni of different tertiary institutions across Africa, global partners, and donors is poised to make a positive impact across tertiary institutions in all African Nations.

On why we picked Undergraduates as our main focus, asides from the obvious statistics such as higher demography, we believe that by equipping them with the right tools and values for greatness, youths and undergraduates have the highest number and prospects for wealth and revenue creation, leading to a decline in the unemployment rate, poverty alleviation, sustainable development, income building and sustainable economic and social influence.

You can read more about our vision, mission and objectives here .

In our blueprint, we have several programs aimed at achieving our goal. This includes a funding/business grant program, a mentorship program, an annual business event, a food drive, an accommodation drive which are explained in details on our official website.

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Wondering how you can be a part? As members of the general public, your participation is required in several aspects as the foundation opens its doors to it’s first recipients in the year 2022 and it will begin with 3 major aspects:

– The UAF Business funding scheme for Undergraduates. This will feature a non-refundable seed grant open to undergraduates in the first school we would be starting with.

– The UAF Mentorship scheme

– The UBC, Undergraduate Business Conference

How do you get on-board?
You are invited to be a part of this revolutionary idea. Your contributions in terms of financial support and publicity are highly welcome and appreciated.
The Foundation bases some of its principles on “giving back” to the system which is why her doors are open to donations from individuals, alumni, organizations and lots more.
Through the student assistance scheme, the foundation is looking to have impacted at least 50,000 students in the next 5 years. In addition, the foundation hopes to absorb at least 10,000 students into its entrepreneurial and mentorship program in the next 5 years.

After series of deliberations, the team have agreed that our target for beneficiaries shall be undergraduates that are in Year 1-3 (for a 4 year course) and Year 1-4 (for a 5 year course).
The task ahead is enormous. We need successful professionals in all walks of life to join the initiative as volunteers and mentors.
On donations, however, the general public is encouraged to donate to their alumnus institutions as we plan to have this initiative across all institutions of the federation.

Our goal is simple: to transform the private sector, making more room for inclusion of our undergraduates in the employment terrain and in turn reduce the rate of social vices that our youths engage in as a result of unemployment.

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